Our Vision

The vision for our Curriculum…

Our curious curriculum is Enquiry led and is centred on the need for children to be able to think critically. It focuses on the importance of experiential learning and play. The curriculum emphasises the need for children to develop links in their learning and be able to apply their knowledge and skills in different situations and with different application, thus developing competency.

The curriculum is organised through enquiry questions that provoke and stimulate children’s thinking, promoting philosophy and the importance of independent thinking. Children are stimulated at the beginning of the Enquiry by a ‘WOW’, which is an immersive experience that introduces the enquiry and is designed to create questions and ideas that the children wish to explore. The children will also have ‘Mini Adventures’ throughout the year, these may be external visits or internal experiences/visitors. At the end of the Enquiry there will be a ‘Fantastic Finale’ where the children will celebrate their learning journey with their family.

In conjunction with parents, children and staff, the school have collated a booklet of ‘Products/Experiences’ which we believe will enrich a child’s education and journey through primary school. These will be woven into the curriculum each year and may be a mini adventure, part of the fantastic finale or part of a lesson within an enquiry. Twenty of these will be set out for each year group and the teachers will choose 15 for their class that year. Parent/carers and family friends are encouraged to try to achieve the rest outside of school.