Library Bus

The Book Tree Bus is a fantastic addition to our school which arrived in Autumn 2020. Thanks to a team effort from families and staff, the school raised funds to provide this fun space for the children to develop their love of books and reading. The library bus is equipped with a wide range of fiction books upstairs and non-fiction downstairs as well as seating for children to relax and browse the books of their choice. We have bought a range of new books which represent the school’s diverse community and aim to refresh our book selection regularly by including award winning books and recommendations from children and staff. The books are catalogued on an electronic system called Libresoft and all children have their own barcode which can be used to borrow books.
Children can access the Libresoft library system from home to see the books available in the library and can also leave book reviews to recommend books to other children.

You can access libresoft from home using the following link:
Your child will have their own barcode in their Reading Record and all passwords are in the following format.

1056ch(then add first 2 letters of first name then first 2 letters of surname).
So for a children named Fred Bloggs their log in would be